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Wowzers.. hot topic huh guys??

Anyway I got my quotes back today and they were almost as expected.

My options - as in OP. 3 year lease / 36k miles. $0 cap reduction, 0 MSD's

US Delivery $588/mo + tax and 1st months payment
Euro Delivery $544/mo + tax and 1st months payment

I really don't know all the details because it's through a broker but the ED price is $4 more than I got on BMWConfig using my options, .00130 money factor and $500 over Euro Invoice.

Thoughts? These payments are great to me. Might try and drop a few options to lower it... possibly drop down to 10k miles but have to see what that difference is. Figured drop to 10k miles and maybe drop xdrive might be some good savings.
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