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Originally Posted by Coochie_Bandit View Post
Id love to have you behind me at a red light. Just for being that d****ead that honks his horn the nanosecond the light turns green.. Oops now you have to wait another red light.
Yes, you do that and one day a cold clunker will kiss your rear end. Is that what you want by playing games? I don't play games. I was just spilling out the facts that there are some who show no courtesy in driving. There are laws and there are courtesies, you might say they unwritten rules of driving. There is no law to says you have give way to a driver coming into your lane. There is no law that says when making a left turn you have to be in the intersection but most of us do it. Why? To keep traffic flowing as best as we can. It is clear to me that there are some who don't care about others but themselves. Can you say you have been driving for 48 years without an accident? That fact comes because driving requires attention of the entire surrounding, not just what is in front and behind you.
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