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I go from my place to the Dumbarton Bridge on the Bayfront Expressway 3 or 4 times a week - connects 101 and 880 in the southbay part of the Bay Area. It's one of those semi freeways with stoplights here and there, approx 1/4 to 1/2 mile apart. I've done it so often I sort of know how the lights work and I hate speeding up to 50 only to have to hit the brakes to wait for 15 or 30 seconds at a light. So if I see a light turn red or know that it will, I'll take my foot off the gas and ideally coast to about 25 or 30 with the light turning green shortly before I get to it. My tranny is not young and I suspect I'll need to put a clutch in for the second time one of these days so I like putting it into 2nd or 3rd and proceeding. Less wear on the brakes, clutch, tranny, and less fuel.

Many of my fellow Bay Areans (not to be confused with the Aryan Nation) do not share my POV and will get hard on my bumper for having the audacity not to accelerate up to the red light. It's a 6 lane road so I try to get in the lane with no cars near to my ass region but it's not always possible. I see the fools go around me and go at speed up to the light. I love timing it so that I whoosh past them at about 30 while they're just beginning to accelerate from a stop.

Horrible coincidence, one of the intersections I go through on this route - Bayfront Expy and Willow Rd. is where journalist David Halberstam was killed when the fool student who had scored a chance to taxi his hero around ran a left turn red light.

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