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Vanity plates are very hit or miss with me.

1- You have some lame inside joke that no one gets except for you and 3 people.(HAMTYDE)
2- You chopped up the words so bad it can mean 10 different things.(ILKBGCK) (I Like Boston Green Cars, K?) (Gutter Minded...)
3- You are a complete tool and think of the plate as a way to show other people you are rich and/or have a fast car(IBEAT U)
4- It is a funny phrase or expression that makes me laugh(HRPDERP)
5- It's cool and isn't intended at showing your status, but just something you like(LOWERIT)

You have a 40% chance of me liking it, that's an F.
You canít spend all your time worrying about where your next Twinkie is going to come from, so follow rule #32 and Enjoy The Little Things.

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