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Originally Posted by Jon Shafer View Post
How is the cloth/leather combo in person? I was actually considering it, mostly because it would be "different" not "cheaper". I've been driving an E36 M3 for almost a decade, and my spartan configuration reflects my desire to keep the new car similar to it (without all of the modern gadgetry). Is the cloth/leather attractive in person? The leather on my M3 Vaders resembles Beef Jerky nowadays after 14 years of baking in the sun. Cloth would not be prone to that, though the side bolsters would likely become equally trashed. One of the main reasons I don't want the Premium Package is that I want manual seats. Not one of these items Prem Pkg elements interests me although I did add the PDC to help me keep the rear bumper from getting chingered up.

Power folding auto dimming mirrors - why? Cool, but I've never needed to fold my current M3's mirrors
Power rear sunshade - maybe, but I am getting tint.
Real Time Traffic Information - why? I live in Santa Barbara...
Voice-command - why?
Interior mirror with compass - seriously????
Power front seats with driver seat memory - once my seat is set, that's it. Nobody but me will be driving my new M3. Manual seats save weight.
Online Information Services - why? I have a smartphone.
Park Distance Control (rear only) -- o.k.
Comfort Access keyless entry - my wife likes it on her 335i. Doesn't have to fumble through her purse to get her keys...
Universal garage-door opener - my boat lives in my garage.
Navigation system -- again, why? Unnecessary for me.

I would pay extra for the Premium Sound if I didn't have to pay an extra $4,350 for all of this that I don't want or need.

Anyway, attached is a copy of my build. I am a little worried ordering the Silver/Black/Black interior having never seen it before. Has anyone seen it in person, and if so, care to share your opinion?

Palladium/black looks very nice.

I would add the Logic7 system, though... you should know how to make it happen. You will appreciate the clarity and volume over the HiFi.

Personally, I do not like the Speed cloth. Look cheap to me, especially after BMW added more cloth and took away some leather from it. But if this is going to be a car to be taken to the track often, and a long termer (as in 5+ years or ownership) then I would get it with Speed cloth. Novillo leather starts looking tired at the ~3 years mark, regardless of care. It is slightly less resilient than Nappa in my experience.
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