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Originally Posted by JoeFromPA View Post

I agree with you and I'll also add that I feel BMW stopped advancing the manual transmission circa 2007 for their line-up. I've seen no press releases on advanced new syncro design, nothing new on clutch or flywheel design and lightening, no rev-matching on downshift feature that's coming out on Nissan and Porsche. Heck, Porsche is doing a7-speed manual nowadays - at least they are trying something.

To be fair, I don't know how much it costs to federalize a model with a different engine/transmission combo. I can look at other manufacturers and see, even at far lower volumes, they do it - so I imagine the never-before-been-as-profitable BMW could do it. Heck, do it on just ONE model every THREE years and tell enthusiasts it's coming and going, so they can buy/lease.

I agree with the sentiments that the modern automatic is a joy to behold and drive in terms of speed, efficiency, and even weight is coming down. I still want a 3rd pedal in cars I'm driving for fun.

If you start a campaign, let me know. I'll lend some money and some effort. I want each 1 and 3 series available with a manual. I want a manual 5-series wagon, if one ever comes back. I want an x3 with a manual. And so help me God if they take away our manual-trans M3's!!!
We need to understand that BMW does not make sports cars. Porsche and the Nissan Z are sports cars and this makes it feasible to invest in r and d for sporty transmissions. BMW makes family sedans that at least in the 3 series are sporty. The market for a 3 series with some new advanced MT is tiny and not worth the investment.

OP, there are numerous threads here about manual vs automatic transmissions. But the truth is that at least 95% of 3 series buyers opt for automatic transmissions. If you want a car with a MT, you may need to order one.
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