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Originally Posted by krash View Post
Cool. Thanks.

Yes, this is why I never used this site in the first place when I had my 390.
Once you get your VIN the fun really starts.

You are about to experience 'the black hole'. For weeks, it will look like nothing is being done on your car. It will say that production has started. Two weeks will go by. It will then say its in the paint shop. Another week will go by. You'll start to get frustrated. Then, suddenly, you will find out that your car is halfway across the Atlantic Ocean and shipped a week prior.

Once that bit of pain/joy happens, you are relieved of BMW tracking your car. From there, there are two really excellent websites that will tell you precisely where your car is including a satellite tracker showing your vessel and it's every move on the water. It's how the process works. We all go from being a proofreader to a factory foreman to a steamship captain. It's pretty funny what it takes to get this car in your garage.

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