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Originally Posted by BMW318i_E36 View Post
Are axxiss under another company name ?
We covered this in gory detail here, and I even spoke directly to the Axxis marketing team (contact numbers and emails are in that thread for backup):
- What is going on with finding Axxis versus PBR brake pads (1)
Originally Posted by bluebee View Post
Louis Luera, Marketing Manager of FMP North America, (makers of Axxis & PBR friction materials) 3529 Cannon Road Suite 2B #515, Oceanside, CA. 92065, 760-295-6034, 619-204-7146,

Thanks to the pointer from dvsgene, I had a long conversation with Louis Luera (who will talk your ear off if you give him a chance)!

Here is, paraphrased, what he told me, in no uncertain terms!

Q1: Is Axxis currently marketed/sold in North America or not?
A: Yes, Axxis is marketed; yes Axxis is sold in North America.

Q2: If yes, then why is it so hard to find Axxis pads for my Bimmer?
A: There is only one licensed importer for Axxis friction materials so Axxis pads are generally less available than PBR friction materials, which have a wider distribution channel.

Q3: What is the real difference between similarly-named Axxis & PBR pads?
A: Absolutely nothing except the box.

Q4: How close are the Axxis/PBR pads to the stock E39 Jurid/Textars?
A: It's important to realize the original Jurid formulation was only put on your BMW at the factory for a few months before being reformulated. After a few more months, the Jurid friction matereial was again reformulated. And again. After about the fourth reformulation, the formula was licensed to the aftermarket, of which we are recipients. From that fourth generation Jurid formula, comes the pedigree for the Axxis/PBR replacement friction material for your BMW.

Q5: Can I find Axxis/PBR pads under another brand name?
A: Yes. For example, we sell to Centric/Stoptech & other suppliers who rebrand our friction materials as they see fit.

Q6: What is the fundamental difference between the Axxis/PBR Deluxe, XBG, & ULT branding strategies?
A: The Deluxe Advanced employs consumer consumer friendly materials which are easy on the rotors, have a long life, with low noise & almost no visible dusting, and a good grip. The XBG is in between on consumer friendliness, noise, dusting, and performance. The ULTs are closest to the original friction material on your performance BMW but the trade off is lower pad & rotor life, more noise, and noticeable dusting.

Originally Posted by rdorman View Post
Saying a rotor is a rotor is darn close to saying a car is a car.
I didn't really want to get into a discussion (as that thread already exists) - but a key point is that a rotor and a car have one huge difference.

You can MEASURE and COMPARE a lot of MEANINGFUL different things on a car - but - when you measure 'meaningful' things on a rotor, the only real differences (IMHO) are in the M A R K E T I N G.
(not that a car doesn't have marketing either - but - the point is they're not alike in the sense we're talking about).

Notice I did say "IMHO" because I have already participated in the discussion, in detail, and it's all in the aforementioned thread. If anyone says one rotor is better than another, they MUST state a meaningful reason why - otherwise - they're just bowing to marketing.

Originally Posted by rdorman View Post
As for pads, both you listed make good pads. And in general, use the same pad front and rear.
It's too bad the specs don't say ALL the meaningful differences between pads (e.g., the color of the dusting, which matters greatly to many), but, certainly the cold/hot friction ratings of the brake pads must be paramount.

So, to recommend pads w/o stating the friction coefficients (if they're different), isn't as meaningful as comparing by friction coefficients (at least initially). Of course, once you have two pads with the same cold/hot friction characteristics, then the OTHER meaningful (unmeasured) differences start to play a role.

Note: I'm not so naive as to think the friction coefficients are everything that matters in friction materials - but certainly they are meaningful.

Good luck!
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