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Originally Posted by BMR_LVR View Post
From my limited electrical knowledge, but based on what many mechanics have told me, the alternator is not designed to charge a battery, but maintain the charge. It is very hard on the alternator to run the car with a flat or discharged battery. That is likely why you were getting a rough idle ... not enough juice to the DME when the battery was flat.

May I suggest that you remove your battery and take it to Autozone or the like and have it tested. They should probably be able to tell you if you have a dead cell or similar.

If that is the case, get a new battery and put it in the car. Crank the engine and check the voltage. It should be 13.8v+. If so, then your battery was the culprit.
I like this idea the best. I was starting to worry that every start was a jump because i only drive the car so rarely. When i had absolutely no power today my heart just sank. Hopefully my alternator is still in good nick. If not you gents will be getting a special treat, alternator rebuild DIY!! lol.

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