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FYI, if you care to read, here is some of what Allstate says about the DriveWise service, the data it collects and how it is, and can be, used:
... Allstate Drive Wise® is a program that allows safer drivers (and low mileage drivers) to demonstrate their lower-risk driving on a daily basis, and earn significant savings by doing so. ...

... your discount (if any) will be calculated on a rolling basis based on how your vehicle is driven – using 12 months (6 months when you begin) of driving data. This discount is known as your Performance Rating. Note that your Performance Rating cannot increase your premium...

... The Performance Rating looks at risk factors from your actual driving and combines them into an overall profile that is used to calculate your potential savings. The factors measured include:

Driving Time of Day
Hard and Extreme Braking
Speeds over 80 mph

These factors all combine to help define your overall risk profile. You should know that individual events are unlikely to have a dramatic effect on your score. We recognize that braking (for example) may be necessary to avoid an accident caused by another driver, an animal, or a pedestrian or cyclist. However, an overall pattern of frequent hard braking is indicative of less-attentive driving.

This same rule applies across all these factors – our rating system works over time and looks for broader patterns of behavior.
Also, the installation sheet says this:
Data Information

Data is uploaded daily based on trip information. ... Data captured includes daily driving data (speed, miles, time of day), VIN (vehicle identification number), driving events (hard braking, hard cornering, hard acceleration) and Device connect/disconnect.

Use of Information

... Data from the Device may be deemed discoverable by third parties and used in an accident investigation and/or litigation.
Notably absent in the data list is position, but it's probably wise to assume that GPS data is logged, too, even if it isn't used for rate determination. Still, that's not new; if you have an accident the vehicle already has logged the recent data leading up to it, including position, I believe you'll find.

My days of really hard driving are behind me so the behavior data collection doesn't threaten me and, as long as I don't receive a letter like "Dear Sir: we see that you regularly drive to the gun range...", I have no difficulty with the company learning more about the low risk they assume in insuring me. Risk analysis and the rate they assign from it is simply an expected part of their business. Within reason, if I can help them save me money while satisfying my need for insurance, I'll do it.

Still, it is ugly and might be in my foot's way when entering or leaving the vehicle. We'll see how long I tolerate it, but it is unlikely to be perpetual.
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