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Awesome stuff!
Yeah, I am not scared to turn a wrench at all. Not saying I know what I am doing... but I always make sure to do my research and LEARN what to do before I do it. So far the e34 is doing great. A lot of the suspension has been replaced over the past years - so it has a better than expected ride. I'm going to change the water pump, and replace the one remaining old hose that I can find before the AZ summer hits. Seems as though who ever changed the brakes decided not to replace the sensors on the pad. The dash light stating "brake lining" ALMOST bothers me enough to take the tires off and replace the sensors.

If any body is getting a car for speed, this is not the BMW for you - get the e30 with the same engine. But the ride is so nice and visibility is really good, too.
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