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Originally Posted by jfox335i View Post
I'm not a mechanic, so forgive me if this sounds unrealistic. With all the technology in vehicles these days, am I naive in thinking a true manual with an automatic mode should have been developed and in production by now? I'm not talking about a DCT, It would be your typical 6MT, but you would have a gate (maybe where a 7th gear could go, opposite side of shifter, how R works on the Getrag transmission), that you could shift into there, and then the car would behave like an automatic, with no need to manually shift. The gate could only be engaged while in Neutral for safety reasons. It could electronically disable the clutch pedal when this mode is activated, engage a torque converter, and even have it enable paddle shifters for those who enjoy using those with ATs. This way, manual drivers get what they want, automatic drivers get what they want, and everyone's happy. If they can program cars to drive themselves, is this really that much more difficult? Wouldn't there be a market for this type of transmission?
Nice idea but you are basically talking about a car with a clutch and a torque converter, 2 transmissions. This would be expensive and heavy. Also, since there is little demand for a MT in most cars, it makes little sense to develop such a technology especially when DCT's which already provide the same options already exist.
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