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Originally Posted by EmpScorpion View Post
The passenger floorboard has a small ripple, not very big at all. The skin behind the rear passenger door doesn't look damaged. With the skin being one piece, I was thinking that the whole passenger side would have to be replaced. I was going to follow a diagram I found on the net, (see attatched) and seperate near the tail light. The outer skin goes about an inch under the car, and about a 1/2 inch in the wheel well. The roof seems more tricky to find where the outer skin seperates from the roof panel and the side sheet metal. If it is possible for a body shop to repair this, and the cost wouldn't be too steep, then that would be great. I wouldn't mind paying a couple grand to have this fixed professionally. If the cost was more than that, I do have the time and parts to fix it on my own. (With help from my Bimmerfest friends!) I'm a machinist, not a mechanic, and this project has been an educational experience. I am having fun with this, so I wouldn't mind DIY if it is possible.
A lot of times when you pull/push surounding imperfections will almost disappear due to the reversal of the impact forces. The passenger side floor ripple could be an example. You may get away with the pull/push process for a lot of the damage repair. Then sectioning in a good piece of rocker panel (I would go from near the rear wheel well to the "a" pillar for a nice smooth look with less hassle on welding) should get the bulk done. Looks like a new left fender is needed as well. Re: the sectioning, cleco fasteners, magnets, butt weld clamps will greatly help in maintaining the pieces together as well as the proper gap for butt welding. Try to avoid lap welding if you can. Spray the pieces being welded together with weldable primer so they are protected from corrosion after welding. Either way, seam seal the snot out of the area; you wouldn't want any moisture sneaking in and starting corrosion. Magnets and butt weld clamps can probably be found at Harbour Freight. Paint prep and paint could be $$$ at a shop but I'm sure a machinist could learn how to do that NO problem! I need up-date pics as I've become addicted to this thread!!!!!
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