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Originally Posted by shan904 View Post
I have been having issues for the past couple days with my car not starting. At times it would start, but it would be a very hesitant and weak start. At other times it won't start at all. When I hook the jump box up to it, it starts up after a minute or two. I took the battery to have it tested and it came back the battery is fine. What could be causing this??? From what I understand, it can't be the alternator. I know there was a recall on some kind of cable to the battery. I have an appointment to have this fixed this weekend, I'm wondering if it has anything to do with it...
Hi! Sorry to hear about your battery issues.. Exact same thing happened to me! I end up taking it to the dealership and they quoted me 550$ plus tax to put in a new battery and to reprogram it. As well as a $120 fee to check out the car..

I said no and purchased a battery from interstate. Cost was $280, I switched out the old battery and put in the new one and havn't had any issues with it so far.. I called a local indepedent BMW shop and they said I didnt need to reprogram it, so far everything is working well
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