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Originally Posted by Jon Shafer View Post
Well, you guys were right. I spoke to the guy who handles special orders in the Western Region and he confirmed that there is indeed a stereo system option that does not appear in the brochures, ordering guides, etc. He didn't know all of the details so he is checking with New Jersey for me. Am I correct, is this other option not compatible with Navigation?

This to me is why the forums are so magical. When you add up the collected experience of all of the members, the knowledge and wisdom exceeds not only of what most dealers know, but also factory folks. Amazing. I should spend more time lurking and learning...
Code is SA677 and it is available regardless of Navigation by special order. Enhanced Premium Audio is SA752.

One thing about adding Navigation is that it includes a better Bluetooth/USB interface than the non-Navigation setup. The Bluetooth is dual channel (two phones paired at the same time, both can receive calls via the iDrive but only one can make calls, Bluetooth Audio, Album Art display, BMW Office and the USB is fully compatible with Apple's white USB cable- no need for the OEM iPod cable).

None of that is available with the OEM HU.

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