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If you install brake pads where the pad is riveted to the backing plate then this applies. If you let the pads wear down to the rivets they cut deep groves in your rotors. When you install the new pads you'll be able to see whether they're bonded or riveted and if they are bonded you don't need to replace them when there's still 1/4" of pad left.
I personally haven't seen a set of riveted pads for years, but there may still be some suppliers of them.

Note - The OEM BMW jack is risky enough using it just for a tire change. I would not recommend using it to support the car while you are working on it. If you are truly dedicating yourself to learning how to work on your car(s) and plan to continue it in the future, you can get a jack, jack stands, and other tools at Harbor Freight Tools pretty reasonably priced.
I wouldn't normally recommend this and this will probably bring some flaming down on me, but if you don't intend to do anything beyond this brake job, I would consider at this point looking in your newspaper for brake specials (PepBoys, Just Brakes, etc) and take it there. Replacing the brake pads as part of normal maintenance is not too bad for a first time mechanic. Changing out the rotors adds more complexity and challenges such as a rusted frozen allen screw that holds the rotor in place to the hub. Replacing the calipers, which requires significant bleeding of the system adds still more complexity and challenges and need for tools. Definitely not a job you want to be trying if all you have is the OEM jack. By the time you equip yourself to do this you may have spent more on the tools than the cost to have the job done. Again this is if you don't have any intent (or aptitude) to become a home mechanic. Not trying to be insulting, just being realistic.
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