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My battery light went on the two or three years ago when I initially rebuilt the alternator. I had no ability to reset the battery light so it has been on ever since. I do not think the battery is bad or the car would not start, right? I have no check engine lights on except the red battery light, but again that light has been on since my initial alternator trouble.

As far as my other problems, I think my car has electrical trouble and has had it for a while. The traction control system went out also about six months ago. I got an estimate to have it replaced and it would almost cost more than the value of the car. When I have the defrost running I can hear this annoying chirping sound. I finally broke down a year ago and fixed the back hatch. It got jammed or stuck or something and for a year I lived with only being able to open the glass portion of the rear hatch. I finally decided to spend the money and get it fixed.

I love this car. It is a great trip car, spacious and roomy and smooth. It is easy to drive (well not so much right now). I do not want to put a small fortune into it because of its age and value but I would love to drive it for a few more years. My husband wants me to get a minivan but I cannot get a minivan in a manual transmission and I love driving this car.

I can take it to an autozone tomorrow and see if they can read the codes.
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