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Originally Posted by audiophool View Post
No idea about US repair costs, but the damage looks cosmetic - didn't even hook the impact bar. Just a bunch of 'bo-ton' parts and a lick of paint. Any hit to the wheel was probably less than your average pothole as far as damage - might have scraped the lip.

Lipstick and mascara - not a write-off. You'll get a nice fresh nose out of the deal.
I tend to agree, except that the hood looked bent along the edge. The sheet metal alone is $2K on, so that will send the price up.

The wheel had some interesting damage - I wish I had taken a picture. Either something had rubbed against it hard enough to leave behind, or it rubbed off some of the finish. I suspect that wheel will need to be refinished at minimum, maybe an alignment.

I moved the car ten yards to get it out of the street, and in that distance it didn't feel any different than it ever does.

In the end, it's all about the adjuster. I'll be fine either way.

The strangest thing about the experience was that the lady who hit me - very nice lady in the end - scraped at least half of her Honda Pilot along the front end of my car and didn't stop until she was in front of me. Seems like a lot of people would have felt the impact or the scrape and stopped immediately.
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