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Originally Posted by BentZero View Post
For Honda and Toyota those were steps up. I think people are freaking out because they feel that the mere existence of the 320 makes their status penis shrink. Its understandable. On the outside most people won't know the difference. Especially when people debadge their cars. Now their 320 looks like a 335 sans the dual everything else that makes the 335 a better car. Joe Blow on the street won't know though. He'll just wonder how that twenty-something can afford that "luxury car".

I think it's a smart move for BMW though. Why not get customers in at a lower price point now and then welcome them with open arms when they earn more money and inevitably spend more on their next BMW.
There's no question that BMW is selling-out a bit of status for a money-grab. Those of us in the know will realize who spent a lot of coin and who didn't, but that really doesn't matter. The important thing is that BMW stays successful and brings in a lot of revenue so they can continue to hire the best designers and engineers and create the best products possible.

The 3 Series has always been two-cars-in-one. Now it's three:

A $50,000 German luxury car.

A $37,000 Entry-level luxury car.

A $30,000 top-of-the line non-luxury car.

To us, we can keep track of it all. It's easy to see the differences between a Line and a no-Line car. The badge on the trunk tells the rest of the story. To Mr. & Mrs. Camry, they just see more BMW's on the road, makes them think there are more people than ever living the dream. Nothing wrong with that.

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