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Originally Posted by dtc100 View Post
If you don't even know the facts, then how can you form any opinion? Oh wait, you had make your own facts I still remember the 98% fact.

This is exactly why BMW is at the top, they don't ignore any potential threat. Caddy has been the loudest taunting BMW in the past year or two, they need to shut them up, while at the same time convince people like you they could care less about the ATS. Not a difficult thing to do with fanboys, but BMW knows they need to sell non-fanboys.

Of course there are other things to consider. But the CLA is not necessarily targeting the exact same market. Yes there will be cross shoppers between F30 and CLA, but if BMW is really serious about the CLA, they would have worked on a new 4-door 1 series model, but FWD. I think they will though. From the intial impression, the CLA could grab a lot of drivers moving up from Camry, Accord, Altima, Civic, Corolla and VWs...who don't know what is the point of an RWD.
I know how much you like to make everything about the ATS, but be real. The thing isn't selling. It's a pig. A pig for 80 year old women.

When your primary competitor drops a $30,000 el-cheapo luxury car into the market, you have to react. BMW saw the CLA, knew that it could hurt the 3 Series, boom, 320i. Hit a few buttons, ship 'em south of Canada, MB threat neutralized.

BMW responding to Cadillac and the ATS is like McDonald's responding to Michael's Burger Castle and their house special, the Big Mike.

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