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Originally Posted by gomolka30 View Post
I wouldn't. People are smarter than you may think and can easily smell thru BS ads. The more you need to use colorful adjectives to describe your car, the less likely I will be to respond. The best thing to sell a car is to give all the important details. What is the status of the title? What would a Carfax report? Give a short description of the true operation of each of the major components: engine, transmission, other driveline, brakes, suspension, steering, and all other electrical components, and AC. Post pictures from different angles plus interior. At least 4 high resolution pics, I think 8-12 is good. Undercarriage and shock tower pics are a plus. List the problem areas. If they are small, and that's it, a potential buyer would probably take that into consideration but not weigh heavily.

If someone made their car sound great, and when I got there I noticed something wrong, my first reaction would be "what else is he hiding?" I'd probably walk away.

If there really are problems with the car, expect to sell at a heavily discounted price, or fix before selling. Any car with front end repairs is instantly knocked down 40% in my book, even if professionally repaired. If that car had a front end collision, I wouldn't go above $8,000. Most likely I wouldn't even do that.

Usually when someone needs to make a reason for a sale in their ad, ie. "moving out of state" or "lost a job" this is a red flag too. That most likely is not the reason for the sale. It's more likely because the car was trouble. Look for a simple ad with the basics info and good pics. Then see the car and talk to the owner. Moving or loss of job may be a legit reason, but there is no need to put that in the ad. You'll be able to tell that better by meeting the seller in person, which brings me to my last point. Not only am I buying a car, but I'm also buying the maintenance history decisions, and driving habits of the previous owner. Does this person seem responsible and honest?
True, smart man here ^^^

Originally Posted by MikesE39 View Post
I swear I can't stand this guy... Look all I have to say is look at the car fax to make sure it has not been in a wreck. Because you can have 10 paint jobs and 1 dollar headlights and that don't mean nothing. What's your 525 specs? Because if its an 03 with sports pkg and everything and avg miles then your giving him too much. I wouldn't give more than 5k. Again that's if everything checks out. And plz make sure those wheels are authentic. Because that's 2k alone. Btw what the hell do you mean when you say they painted over everything??? I don't understand. Are you talking about the moldings??? Because your car is completely silver.... And I don't see you saying why did bmw paint the whole car silver...
Mike funny as sh*t
and non painted body trim is uglyyyyyyyyy.. makes car look old, ashy, and cheap... Everybody go paint there body trim right now !

Originally Posted by Stone Roots View Post
Owner says no accident w/ clean title. Thinking of trading my 525i + $7k for it...
i just dont understand why this man would trade you if he needs money ?
unless he still wants a E39, just one with a smaller engine better gas mileage, and less $$ on maintenance.. thats all i could come up with
Mehhhhh F*ck it go get 7 grand out the bank tomorrow, Go meet up with the guy swap titles and keys, drive home and buy some umnitza New v4 headlights and call it a day
o and is it just me... or are the mirrors a different color?
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