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Originally Posted by Supercourse View Post
As I understand it, the situation is:

- all current BMW Canadian models use FTM not TPMS as TPMS is not mandatory here

- it is possible some earlier models, such as a 2009 X3, could have had TPMS installed in anticipation of Canada making it mandatory, or just for BMW's convenience

- any plan Canada had for enacting the equivalent of the U.S. TREAD Act has been put on long term hold pending clear evidence that it is needed or would be effective

- having metal valve stems alone is not confirmation of TPMS (but the reset procedure saying ACTIVE is - for those with iDrive)
(years ago metal valve stems were considered a nice upgrade aesthetically)

- some tire shops may sell and install TPMS sensors to Canadian BMW owners that just sit there inactive because there is no way to configure them
Thanks Supercourse. My thought process is this, I'll assume with about 99% certainty then that I do not have TPMS but FTM, and when switching wheels since I have my own guy, I will have them confirm my suspicion, and if I happen to have them I will switch them over to the new wheel/tire combo.

I do infact have iDrive, so I will pay attention to the reset as you mentioned to ensure I do not have TPMS as well during switch.

My thought process is much like yours, thinking for simplicity sake i ended having metal valve stems without actually having TPMS equipped as BMW thought it just easier, but only time will tell. I just wasn't sure as earlier years (before my '09) were not TPMS, but talk from what I read was they wanted to make the switch, but as you stated newer ones are still not, so I wasn't sure if somehow my model yr being between they tried it for some reason.

Thanks for help guys

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