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Originally Posted by NoI4plz View Post

My mind struggles to understand what retail value these vehicles will have once the warranty is up, and all owners are left on figuring out how to maintain them. The number of failsafe/prevention programming is enormous. Couple that in with the fact that diagnostic tools are IP of BMW group, let the costs run sky high lol

But I do rant lol

Glad to hear your back on the road Again!
I second the congrats on getting him back.

I am a bit more sanguine about the risks as these cars leave warranty... I think several things will happen, and have happened with other models, other marques:

1. DIYers develop a very detailed 'electronic rolodex' of symptoms/techniques/repairs. Bimmerfest will be one, xoutpost another. Owners, especially when faced with paying, start getting pretty ingenious with repairs. They dont follow the dealership advice of "oh, we just replace the whole engine instead of replacing the spark plugs" approach (you know what I mean, BMWNA may declare a part 'irrepairable', yet the diyers figure out that 4 o rings and make a gasket, and that $4400 VANOS can be easily rebuilt.) Also, guys that buy these cars new are a whole differnet cat than those that buy 3,4 year old cars at 40-50% of new!

2. BMW will fix software and programming as the model ages and as the true range of component variation is discovered. A lot of the reprogramming I see is likely due to BMW figuring out these systems. I suspect that Dieter's issue was some stupid 'how the modules interact' or 'we discovered the new code in the XYZ caused the order of module programming to need to be altered'... maybe as a result the NEXT roll out will have a new way so this is avoided...

(or not, this is BMW after all!)

3. BMW is required to make these tools available. yes they are pricey now, but they WILL be hacked. Look at the cost of a GT1 years ago, now you can buy a cable for $20 and download the code for free.

My 2 cents....

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