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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
Call other dealers in your area immediately, see what allocation spots they currently have open.

If they can give you an allocation with a production of, say, next week at the same or lower price as your original deal, take it. You don't have any responsibility to your dealer at all until the car arrives from overseas. You don't lose any money here. If anything, finding another car at another dealer will give your current dealer the kick in the ass he needs to do right by you. The bigger the dealership, the more allocations they get. Perhaps you're with a small-time dealer and he's just pushing you out. You shouldn't stand for that.

My friend in SoCal that had this happen to him wound up having two of the identical car arrive from two different dealers two weeks apart. He took the one that came in first, cancelled the other order, done. When I ordered my E93 years back, my dealer had an allocation that was going into production the next day, literally took my order and sent it to Germany and within 20 hours my car was being assembled.

Waiting around for your dealer to get your car produced is wrong. Be aggressive, force the issue with him or another dealer. It's how it's played.


Thank you very much for your helpful responses every time. I really appreciate it.

The dealer got back to me yesterday and confirmed that I'm scheduled for week 4 of January.

Unfortunately, there is no good local dealer to my knowledge. I was actually working with one prior to the current one and that dealership kept delaying my order, giving me bs that my order can't go through because of hurricane Sandy weeks after the day the CA said he'd order for me.

I have no problem being aggressive at dealerships. One guy at the finance department of the prior dealership kept giving me bs numbers for my lease so I confronted him with pen and paper that this is how I calculate the lease numbers. He couldn't disprove my numbers but the next time I went, the finance guy gave me phony numbers again so I literally told the him to go f*** himself.

The new dealer I found is an out of state bimmerfest sponsor. He has been extremely helpful. We've exchanged over 100 emails in a matter of few weeks and he has always promptly responded to my emails even on Friday nights and Sunday mornings. (He would usually respond within 15 minutes no matter what time of the week I send him an email.) I was planning on writing a good review of him on bimmerfest once we finalize the deal.

When I called the BMW number you gave me, the automated system said my vehicle didn't have a set schedule and the live representative told me the same thing. I demanded my dealer an answer as to why it's taking so long and to find out when the schedule is and he has responded to me yesterday evening that it is scheduled for week 4. I suspect it wasn't scheduled until yesterday and he had to call BMW to set one up. (Is that possible?)

Perhaps I've been less demanding of my production schedule than I should have been largely because I wasn't aware until you told me yesterday, that dealers actually have some control over and have knowledge of the allocation of production schedules. If you hadn't told me that yesterday, who knows, it could have been another month from now for my unscheduled vehicle to finally go into production. However, since you gave me such valuable information, I called my dealer and demanded a schedule so it seems to be all working out for now.

I will let you know if and when my car enters production (hopefully next week as the dealer told me). Thanks again.
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