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Originally Posted by Beemer13 View Post
Ok, Here is the update. Spoke to the mechanic. He said he put 6.6 quarts of oil in on the change. He said that reading on the dipstick was just touching the "square" above the pointed section of the dipstick. Meaning the entire pointed section, the short "bar" between that and the square were wet. He said, it was a tiny bit on the square section
1) Dont these cars take up to 7.0 quarts. I read 6.9. (I also read 6.6 was xi only?).
2) If the oil level is just below the "square" section of the dipstick. . . Isnt that the area that will begin to trigger the light?

Now withthat said, we added a 1/2 quart thinking this would put us up into the square section. I drove it to work the next day, let it sit cold for 4 hours (just happened to be the anount of time) lunch time I checked it. On flat ground, the oil level read in the same spot he said he filled it to.
So - It would seem I lost at least a half quart in 80 - 100 miles.

Last night I drove the car about 40 miles on the highway and romped on it a litttle, nothing crazy but bouncing around on the highway a lot between 65 - 85 just making sure to get it working. I saw nothing in the form of smoke at that RPM. On Back roads between 25 and 45, I saw nothing. When I got home I walked around the car. I smelled nothng. I even got down and smelled the exhaust tip..LOL.

Also - we confirmed the coolant is clean
It will not hurt the engine to put 7 quarts in. I do just that with every oil fill.

I'm sure your mech checked this, but whenever you first start the car in the morning look at the exhaust and see if it has a blue tint to it. If it does, your engine is burning oil. It might not be pooling enough to make a noticeable exhaust until the car sits for a while. Other than that, there has to be a leak. If the engine isn't burning oil, it has to be going somewhere.

Last, whenever you check your oil, make sure that the engine is not running and wait about five minutes after turning it off to let the oil settle. Doing that will at least take human error out of the equation. As long as the oil is in between the two metal areas, the square, you're fine.

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