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F30 wiper arm weak/bends easily?


Got a lot of snow the other day where I am. And I was using the wipers to clear off the snow. The snow started to accumulate at the base of the windshield, not allowing the wipers to return to it's original position. The thing is that the arms of the wipers are now bent. I was totally shocked. I have never had such a situation with wipers before. Was I totally in the wrong not to completely clear the snow from the windshield before using the wipers?

I asked the dealer how much it would cost to have the wipers replaced and it would be around $200 plus, including labor. Ouch. And the thing is that my dealer is out of stock of the wipers. They said that I should bring it in and they could possibly bend it back in shape. But I feel I should get a new set. What's the point of having ones that already bend so easily? Should this be covered in the warranty? Or do I have a lost cause?

Anyone else have something like this happen? Any advice as to what I should do?

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