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Originally Posted by The X Men View Post
Performance wise, if performance equals to speed and handling, then there are other car makers out there that make better performing cars within the F10's segment. How important is performance to the typical 5 series customer is the million dollar question. Is it top priority, 2nd or 3rd? According to BMW, it is not the 1st, since the F10 emphasized a design that is both sporty and yet still with a comfortable ride.
I agree that handling is all about trade offs, a stiffer suspension usually mean a harsher ride and vise versa. Anybody can make a stiff suspension that handles well and the same for a comfortable suspension that floats like a boat. The perfect suspension would be both comfortable and yet handles well. So far, the F10's dynamic adaptive suspension is the best at this for the money.
That takes us to steering feel which is one of BMW's attributes that makes a BMW the ultimate driving machine. Along comes electric steering and all that is gone. I sure hope BMW will improve its EPS and regain the BMW steering feel of the pass. As of now, BMW is no longer the ultimate driving machine, but its one heck of a well build sporty comfortbale car.
Sporty suspension is not just about how stiff it is. It's also about how buttoned down it is, the feel that the car sucks to the Tarmac. Factors like suspension technology, unsprung weight , overall weight, geometry etc. are factors that impact the feel as well not just how stiff of a spring you use. Many lesser manufacturers wish it was that easy...
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