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Originally Posted by jjsC6 View Post
You don't have to convince me that government regs have changed - I know an enormous amount about cars and the regulations they are facing. But that is NOT what is causing BMW to change the dynamics of their cars. First of all, every manufacturer is faced with the same challenges. But horsepower and fuel economy are both getting better - not worse. I get that manufacturers are going to more fuel efficient engines - but performance across the board is getting better, not worse. Hell, cars are not even getting heavier because manufacturers are using more light weight materials and better structural engineering.

Honestly I'm not even sure what your point is. BMW is clearly going a different direction with their cars (at least leaning a little further to the right). Read the comparison tests between the 2013 Lexus GS350 and the BMW 535. Lexus is up against the same government regulations, but that car is now the benchmark for handling and overall driving dynamics in it's class.

BTW, I'll repeat that I'm not knocking BMW. I traded a 2010 Lexus for my 550 and have no regrets. I just don't think you can make a case that government regulations are the issue beyond the fact that they are now offering a smaller, more fuel efficient engine. But that has not been your point all along as best as I can tell.
My point was that BMW's entry level offerings have always been underpowered on paper. Wasn't so long ago that BMW's I6s were making 170-180-190 hp. People could point to any number of Toyota, Honda, Acura, Subaru, Mistubishi, etc. products as being more powerful (for less money).

This isn't anything new. This isn't a sell out.

The "It ain't an E36 any more" lament is just pointless. Nobody is making an E30/36 any more. Nobody, not BMW, not any other OEM. Might as well lament nobody making Elans any more.

Not to mention calling a 2013 F30 320i "BMW Selling Out" is ludicrous when you have had, just to name a few examples, BMW producing the following cars just to add volume (and make some more money):
  1. The Isetta...and then Rover
  2. 318i and 318Ti compact
  3. 528e and other eta/efficiency models
  4. X5 and every other X SUV/people carrier that followed
  5. A 5 series (F10) platform that is by all accounts no longer the driving benchmark in its class (first time ever)
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