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Originally Posted by depingre View Post
NO, NO and an emphatically NO!!! I purchased a "buyback" 2011 550 in Oct with only 16k miles. It was an early build of Aug '10. The buyback reason they stated was an insignificant repair, however, I now think they're covering up other issues as the car will make its 4th trip to the service department next week. It has left my wife stranded, yes stranded, 3 times. Sure, BMW will honor the 4/50k warranty but you will live a nightmare of trip after trip to the service department along with never trusting that the car will actually start or perform as it should. The dealer, BMW local tech rep, BMW customer service and BMW legal department have completely blown us off. No one will admit an wrongdoing or admit any fault. I was informed last Tuesday by BMW's legal department after weeks of being strung along that they're unwilling to do anything for us. I have hired an attorney and will shove this car so far back up their rear ends that they will never see the light of day. This was my 6th BMW and certainly my last! They DO NOT know customer service. Mercedes, here I come.
Sorry to hear of your experience. Beware, I have heard similar stories from MBZ owners as well. Hope you get it resolved to your satisfaction.
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