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Originally Posted by kkapdolee View Post

Thank you very much for your helpful responses every time. I really appreciate it.

The dealer got back to me yesterday and confirmed that I'm scheduled for week 4 of January.

Perhaps I've been less demanding of my production schedule than I should have been largely because I wasn't aware until you told me yesterday, that dealers actually have some control over and have knowledge of the allocation of production schedules. If you hadn't told me that yesterday, who knows, it could have been another month from now for my unscheduled vehicle to finally go into production. However, since you gave me such valuable information, I called my dealer and demanded a schedule so it seems to be all working out for now.

I will let you know if and when my car enters production (hopefully next week as the dealer told me). Thanks again.
First off, Week 4 January is next week so sounds like your issue is now solved (as best it can be at this point).

It's possible that you're in the same allocation with a coincidental date or its possible that he heard your frustration finally and bumped someone else's allocation to become yours. If he gave you an allocation number last month you can compare it with the allocation number of the Week 4 vehicle to confirm.

As others have said, you need to get a copy of the window sticker or VIR as a PDF from your dealer to confirm all the options you wanted on your configuration is there.

IMPORTANT: Is your car coming from Germany or South Africa? My friend in SoCal was originally in a SA vehicle and by switching to the German vehicle it saved him 2-3 weeks of additional waiting. Forgetting quality, if you're concerned about production time and shipping speed, you want a German car. Make sure that the allocation you have been given states that.

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