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Originally Posted by MikesE39 View Post
I swear I can't stand this guy... Look all I have to say is look at the car fax to make sure it has not been in a wreck.
Oh god king rice-bringer is back to defend the rice legacy...

"look at the car fax to make sure it has not been in a wreck." is the most ignorant thing I have read so far today. You have been watching too many commercials. Down here by the Mexican border, do you know how many cars get wrecked and rebuilt like this, that still have clean titles because driver didn't have full-coverage insurance??? It happens everyday and ive seen it hundreds of times, i've even done it a dozen times.... I used to help my buddies do this stuff when I was your age... it's an entire business in itself (repairing crashed cars so that they'll still have clean title and no accident history)

Anyways, you can believe in your little car fox all you want... and talk all the smack you want, you're just mad that I made fun of your 525 converted to look like an M5

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