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Originally Posted by kkapdolee View Post
Thanks. Actually, in checking my emails again, the pdf document which the dealer sent me the day he ordered my car says Vehicle Inquiry Report on top so I guess that's the VIR. It does have all the correct options in there (M Sport, estoril blue, tech, etc.).

You mentioned that I should to cross check the allocation number the dealer may have given me when I ordered last month. The VIR I got before shows the production number but doesn't show any number that is titled allocation number. The production number is still the same. Does that mean my scheduled production date happened to be the same as the coincidental date of next week or is it still possible that the dealer bumped someone else's allocation number? If the allocation number isn't in the VIR, then I will ask my dealer for the number.

I was told before that mine was a German build. However, I'm worried that maybe the dealer took someone else's allocation number and mine somehow could become SA build?? I need to check into that again but I assumed it would still be German build.

I asked for the estimated time of arrival and dealer told me 7 weeks from the start of production. Is this normal? Sounds like a long time considering I read people here saying his car started production right after ordering and car arrived in 5 weeks. The out of state dealer that I'm working with is in Cali btw so that could shipment could take longer than coming straight to Texas. Plus, once the car reaches Cali, I have to get it transported to Texas so that could take.. I don't know.. a few extra days?

Thanks for your help.
Yes, you have the VIR. That's the document you need.

The production number and the allocation number are the same thing. So if the numbers match, it was just coincidental that your car is about to go into production.

Seven weeks is a ridiculously long time. And you've complicated matters by taking delivery in California and then having them ship the car to you in Texas. It took my friends car two weeks just to get through the Panama Canal and that whole delay could've been avoided. Add in the extra week it will likely take for the car carrier to deliver it to you, and you've added three weeks to the process.

I am not sure how good your deal is or how close you are with the California dealer, but you owe it to yourself to sniff around Texas a little bit and see if there's a dealer with an allocation and price that meets your criteria. You could switch that order to him today and literally save yourself three weeks worth of transit time, more if the California order is coming from South Africa. Food for thought.

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