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Originally Posted by boltjaM3s View Post
Yes, you have the VIR. That's the document you need.

The production number and the allocation number are the same thing. So if the numbers match, it was just coincidental that your car is about to go into production.

Seven weeks is a ridiculously long time. And you've complicated matters by taking delivery in California and then having them ship the car to you in Texas. It took my friends car two weeks just to get through the Panama Canal and that whole delay could've been avoided. Add in the extra week it will likely take for the car carrier to deliver it to you, and you've added three weeks to the process.

I am not sure how good your deal is or how close you are with the California dealer, but you owe it to yourself to sniff around Texas a little bit and see if there's a dealer with an allocation and price that meets your criteria. You could switch that order to him today and literally save yourself three weeks worth of transit time, more if the California order is coming from South Africa. Food for thought.

Thanks again BJ,

Glad to know that production number and the allocation number are the same thing which means that my car is going to be German build (unless the dealer gave me wrong information in the first place). However, 7 weeks does seem like a really long time..

The deal I got from this dealer was invoice + $560 and that 560 includes training fee and a small doc fee. The deal I negotiated from my previous dealer was about $1100 over invoice and the CA never showed any competence for me to be confident that he'll be ordering the car with all the right options and know what's going on, etc. There are four dealers within 30 mile radius from where I live. One is owned by the same company as the previous one I just mentioned so I never contacted them. I contacted another one with the $1100 over invoice deal and a CA responded to me saying that is an extremely aggressive deal that he can neither beat nor match.

I don't mind just an ok deal in terms of money over invoice but I don't want to worry over dealer messing up my order (I read a few people complaining of dealers messing up their orders). I just never felt confident that these dealer would do things correctly. I got sick of them and looked for a good dealer on bimmerfest and a lot of people recommended this particular dealer in California. He impressed me a lot with his work efficiency and responsiveness (again, promptly responding to over 100 emails no matter what time of the week it is) and I decided to go ahead with him. Perhaps I should have demanded early on that I want my car here ASAP. I guess I never mentioned that part to him, wrongly thinking that dealers have no control over production time. In fact, I don't recall a single instance of me telling him I want my car to be delivered quickly.

It's understandable that a dealer would rather give early allocation to more "urgent" clients (or perhaps more profitable clients who buy a 6 or 7 series compared to my tiny 560 over invoice 3 series deal) and late allocations to others. It was my fault in the end I guess.. Although I'm not that happy with a 7 week time frame from production to delivery, I am very happy with the work that this dealer has done for me so far and I can full-heartedly say that I trust this dealer; I have confidence in him. Besides, I would feel really really bad to dump a dealer who's helped me so much. I have no problem being the meanest person in the world to people who try to screw me to the point where I can rip them apart in public in a hear beat, but not to people who kindly helped me.. I don't think I can dump him at this point unless there is a way I can have the car delivered to a local dealership and still be able to work with this dealer.. I'd rather wait a three more weeks and keep my peace of mind that this dealer is doing everything correctly for me.

Thanks a lot for your advice though. I appreciate it as always.
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