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Loud Valve tick 04 x3 2.5I

As the title states I am dealing with an 04 x3 2.5I that has developed a nasty bit of valve tick. It has long suffered from leaky valve cover cyndrome and has seen 5 gasket replacements and a new CCv with hoses. Now just yesterday after I took it for a drive I noticed the valves ticking very loudly. The car is not mine but I help maintain it. So I checked the oil level and it was not even on the dipstick. It took 2.5 quarts to bring it normal. The owner intends to replace the valve cover and gasket in a few months but I fear it is not worth it at all with 170,000 miles. Generally speaking the engine is not in good health. It cranks a long time to start in the morning and sounds tired. To me this sounds like the engine's swan song. I really need some feed back on this one. All the other cars I work on are American, mostly dodge and jeep, so this engine and its habits when old are as forign to me French.
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