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Originally Posted by JimVUSAFA73 View Post
My 650i is only eight months old, but I've already had the battery replaced once due to this problem. It seems to me that this is a design flaw, but BMW (two dealers and the BMW customer care line) tells me it's MY fault. According to them, I don't drive the car in the profile they have defined as "normal": a minimum of 20 highway miles a day, every day. They assert that if I don't meet that profile, I'm driving the car outside of "normal limits", and the have refused to honor the warranty on the battery if the car doesn't record that profile. That logic seems a bit tortured to me, and I doubt it would pass the "reasonable man" test in court. Am I the only person who thinks this is the manufacturer's problem and not the consumer's problem? Has anyone pushed the issue with BMW?

Nevertheless, I can certainly drive into the garage, pop the hood and put a trickle charger onto the battery; but frankly,I didn't drop almost six figures on a car to have to do that. Is there some sort of aftermarket wiring harness I can attach to the terminals in the engine compartment so that at least I don't have to open the hood - sort of like a block heater?
I know it's ridiculous, but if the car is near six-figures when it's brand new, you should not have to do something like this. I rarely drive my Lexus SUV and it's fine when it has not been started for weeks.
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