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If your pads are OK fix the squeal. Brakes squeal because the pads vibrate against caliper not the rotor thus the reason you put brake squeal eliminator which is usually a red plastic bottle maybe 6 oz that acts like silicon. Put that on the pad where it contacts the caliper. This is true for new pads too. Also if the edges are not chamfered that will add to the squeal. Most pads these days are beveled to have a chamfer.
Be sure to have your rotors mic'ed. BMW rotors are sacrificial and that is why they brake so well.
Visit our forum vendors down in the classified section and get quality pads and rotors if required. I tend to use Zimmerman and Brembo because those are both OEM for BMW. Pads are up to you but BMW pads 2009 and later are low dust. New pads should be low dust too. You can use alternate pads but I would recommend a good ceramic pad to reduce dusting and still have a good performancing pad.

You have been given good advice but if you have any question feel free to ask.
If you have basic DIY skills replacing the brake pads and rotors yourself is not a had job at all. BMW has some of the easiest brakes to change out there...
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