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Originally Posted by hh3uunp View Post
I have no idea what you're talking about. I do have windows 7 home premium which doesn't have windows xp mode. I like windows Xp very much because there are some other BMW OBD2 tools that only work with it. Plus Viruses don't carry over so if you have kids who like to download crap and slow down window 7 it won't mess up windows xp

I understand.
Comprehension isn't my forte neither.
TO reiterate, WIN XP MODE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR WIN 7 PRO or ULTIMATE. YOu don't get this feature in Win 7 HOME. You need a license of Win 7 PRO OR ULTIMATE before you can use XP MODE.

I like win xp too. I have it as a dual boot on my play computer. But I rarely use it since XP MODE does EVERYTHING that Win XP o/s does. I'm just trying to point out that for those using pro or ultimate, your suggestions to install a dual boot and then downloading drivers to create a virtual comm port isn't required.
Relax dude...I'm not out to flame you. I'm just trying to show that there's an alternate way of doing this w/o creasting two o/s and eating up all the hard drive space.
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