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Originally Posted by Youngproexec View Post
Sure whatever you think . I'm not trying to start a forum to forum war just stating my observation based on the content that has been heavily discussed on Bf.c during the last year or so... When I say mature I don't mean age exclusively... I mean in the way questions such as the OP's are answered. Perhaps I generalized a bit in my previous response........
At least its not just me ... some of the comments on this thread are absurd. Im finishing up some maintenance on my car and the seller of the M5 is going to come over when i'm done and we are going to swap cars and go for a nice drive - and possibly negotiate a trade afterwards.

Honestly - I like the color of the car. I probably wouldn't have painted it that color myself - but really none of you know if its of poor quality or not.

I started the thread to get realistic advice because I know the car isn't worth 17,500. I originally offered him 13k or a possible trade of my E39 + cash.

If you dont like the car or the headlights thats fine - and I do appreciate the advice on getting a PPI and having someone look it over to see if there has been any damage from an accident - but really all of you saying its worth $1 or $2 is just childish. Especially you h3 - you really have no room to talk with all the fake ///M swag you had installed on your car...

Thank you to those who took this thread seriously and offered credible advice. Ill update when I get a chance to drive the car - because ultimately that is really all I am concerned about - as cosmetic options really dont make much of a difference to me - and is something that can easily be changed.

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