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Originally Posted by MonkeyCMonkeyDo View Post
I dont think that is what the OP was talking about. He was using the wipers to remove snow as in while the car was running but snow got packed into the groove at the bottom of the windshield creating a hard curved pack and when the wipers tried to go back to the bottom of their motion the motor didnt stop at resistance and therefore cause the wipers to bend.

I would indeed claim that for warranty repair. It was normal use of the vehicle and something such as the wipers should account for resistance and stop accordingly. But then again I am not BMWNA so I have no idea what they will do.
Yes, thank you for putting it more eloquently for me. The snow caused a bigger buildup on the corner away from the driver's seat and that wiper is now bent protruding out of it's normal resting position. And the other arm isn't gliding well now.

I didn't know that you had to keep the wipers out in vertical position to avoid them from sticking to the windshield. But that wasn't my problem.

Other comments would be appreciated.
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