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First thing Friday ill be taking it to a shop to have them diagnose the fluid and filter levels. But, today I had disconnected the front passenger side wheel sensor, which to my understanding should have disabled the abs unit. Abs, brake, and acs light came on, but I still have speedo and the rest of the gauges working.

By doing that, did I properly disconnect the abs to determine if it would fix the trans problem?
Because afterwards when I attached the wheel and took it for a ride the same problem is still there, no change.

Though, I can say this; when the transmission issue first happened about a week ago, I've noticed that the steering wheel is a bit harder to turn left/right. As if there was more tension... So I checked the level of the ATF fluid under the hood (pink looking liquid) and it was at the correct level. Could this be effected by the same problem the tranny has being stuck in1st?

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