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Lurch/Jolt and CEL When Accelerating/Heater Not Blowing Consistently

Hello allÖ Newbie here, so I appreciate you checking out my query. Iíve never been a car person, so bear with my inarticulate attempts to explain whatís going on Ė I read the ďmonologueĒ and will do my best to abide!

I recently purchased a 1995 530i, with an automatic transmission, approx 280k miles. The previous owners installed a rebuilt transmission and new rear brake light wiring within the past year.

About three days after I got it home last month I was just getting on the freeway and accelerating at about 50mph when the car began lurching or jolting, for lack of a better word, and the check engine light came on each time it lurch/jerked and then it would resume accelerating. The car never came to a standstill, but if Iíd been in a manual Iíd liken what was happening to it stalling, feeling-wise.

This has happened one more time, this week, again as I was on the freeway accelerating and around 50mph.

I checked out the links on how to do a ďstomp testĒ and did it this afternoon. Iím having a hard time figuring out the code. What I was getting looked more like Morse code than the code in the example video (mine was 1-short, 1-long, 1-short, 1-long and then repeating ad nauseum). Maybe I did the test inaccurately? Could the 1 long be more like an uninterrupted 2 pulse? If so, that would make the code 1212, which is the Oxygen Sensor 2. But again, I am just making this up. Hereís a video, let me know what you think?

I also did the dashboard cluster test but am not sure how to interpret the reading or if itís even relevant to this issue. But Iíll post that too.

Finally, I donít know whether to consider them related, but the heater has been going off and on for the past two weeks. Sometimes I turn the dial all the way up and there is just no air blowing. Others it blows faintly and cold. Other times it cranks up just fine. There is often a loud thumping in the dashboard area when the heater comes on. Like I said, Iím not sure if itís related but figured it was worth a mention.

Before you worry that your advice will be in vain since Iím such a novice, fear not. I will be able to get my brother to do the heavy lifting but I need to show him the courtesy of doing the legwork first and trying to take care of what I can. If you can suggest somewhere I can look to learn more about this, or ideas on what the issue may be I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks so much for taking a look at this!_a_
1995 530i, automatic.
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