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I texted him.
Me - “Git Online”
Him – “Who this”
Me – “Brady, isn’t this jake m”
Him – “Funny asshole”
Me – “Maw ha ha”
Him – “Seriously stop”
Me – “You know band hero is just a lame guitar hero spin-off and the music game fad is over.”
Him – “Yup sure do, now stop”
Me – “Then why did you buy it in the first place.”
Him – “Have fun with the cops”
Me – “Aww for me, how nice. I sure will have fun with them. Now I feel bad for not getting you anything for x-mas.
Him – “X-mas? Wtf is that. No wonder you are adopted, u can’t even spell right”
Me – “How funny coming for the guy who wrote things like “u” “wtf” “idk” and my favorite “git online”.
Him – “For the guy? Isn’t it from the guy? No wonder you don’t have a life, texting me from three devices.”
Me – “Really there is a third person texting you? How funny. I hope he shows me the texts. Also I am not the first person you texted.”
Him – “Wow, you had to come up with something to say so you could send it to me nine minutes later.”
Me – “And your 5 minute turnaround is SOOO much better.”
Him – “You know it”
Me – “Then, will you teach me the ways of the fast turnaround?”
Him – “No because you spelled “so” wrong.”
Me – “Nooo, curs my long “so”.”
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