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He had mentioned that the car has been in the garage under a cover.... Well protected from the elements... Primary fuel lines are METAL and do NOT need to be replaced that would be silly....Not to mention the fuel rail on top of the intake manifold is Metal except for 2 small rubber bits, and major hose at the tank, fuel filter, and pump.... But those are temperature rated to go sub zero, doubtful that such conditions would be experienced in a garage well protected! 5 years in a garage, trust me the fuel lines will be fine!! Only time you should start worrying about rubber is when it experiences Extreme Heat, or Cold..... Yet again, was stored in a garage and I have had old barn find Porches come into our shop that have been sitting in the elements for 15 years and the fuel lines were still able to allow a start up!

Brakes will be fine as well... If they are seized, you would notice that when you pushed it out of the garage.... visual inspection should do fine IMHO and unless he has a lift and a pressure driven brake bleeder, that would be a bit much, not to mention entering air into the system I would worry about even more than leaving them as is.
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