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Post Fuel pressure drop off

Stay away from the four-prong versions
I 2'nd 3'rd &... this
Bunch of advertising hype Bull**** (I hope my wife, who worked in the advertising industry for 12+ years, does not read this ).
2- prong or V-groove make sense to an extent.
I don't know why, but the Super-4 sometimes makes cars run worse, such as the Toyota F-series engines found in the old Land Cruisers

But getting back to your problem.
It only starts, after cranking for some, while when it has stood for a period ?
Then it usually is the fuel pressure dropping to such an extent in the fuel line, that it first has to fill again.
Culprit is either the Fuel pressure regulator leaking or (more likely) the one-way valve in your fuel pump.
The chassis pumps seem to be Ok on this, but the one in the tank often goes fauly ????
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