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Originally Posted by anE934fun View Post
The topic that the OP was attempting to illustrate when they started this thread is that depending on the sourcing of the electricity to power EVs, a wholesale switch to EVs could be counter-productive (because it would increase the CO2 burden from increased generation of electricity from coal).

Things are a bit more nuanced out there in the real world.
Yeah. I've seen better papers that say just that.

If you compare the lowest C02 output diesels and the Prius to a Leaf charged from 100% coal, the internal combustion produce less C02. Many of the cars that produce the lowest amounts of C02 aren't sold in the US.

Coal mix varies by state. At the moment just over 60% of Geogia Power's electricity generation is from Coal. However they are shutting down several coal fired plants. In California about 8% of the power used is from coal plants. At 8% Coal, the EVs come out ahead.

Our local electric power is nuclear and wind with a little hydro mixed in. No coal. Currently we've got about 800MW of Nuclear and 176MW of Wind generation. A large 576MW off shore wind farm is almost completed. A huge 2.2GW wind array in the Irish Sea is going through the planning approval processes. A large (2GW?) Advanced Boil Water Reactor is on a fast track to approval. There is a small solar array that just came on-line and another small (15MW) solar park just got planning approval.

Improvements in EVs will change the balance. The 2013 Leaf should go farther per kWh. The Renault Zoe (not sold in the US) uses about 20% less electricity per mile than a 2012 Leaf.

EVs also do not have the other tail pipe emissions. EV emissions of C0, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds are all essentially zero.


The models and equipment (standard and optional) illustrated in this post reflect my misunderstanding of vehicles supplied by BMW AG to the German market. In other EU member states, the truthyness of my posts may vary. Please ignore this post. Subject to change.

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