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I got it fixed!

I installed Virtualbox on my Windows 7 Professional (64bits).
Then i installed Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 on my virtual machine.

I've got a different INPA software, but it should actually work all the same way (INPA, EDIABAS, etc). It's called BMW Standard Tools.

After installing BMW Standard Tools, i installed an update (it was in my Referenz.2006 folder). It updates INPA and EDIABAS. (Look back at the topic's first post, the topic starter has a screenshot where he asks you to check the "Complete" box for INPA and EDIABAS. You can also select others for coding, etc but it's not neccesary if you only want to diagnose.) It's the exact same installation layout!

Now, the software starts up but you don't get any data at all (it give's non stop error's, when you try to diagnose, like fail to initialize).

I did follow the step to edit registry, i think this is a good start! Just edit the value's what is in your registry to the one in the screenshot (so you will get the same value's, its very easy).

Keep the COM port like it is, i mean if its COM3 or COM4, just leave it like that, only thing you got to do is change the obd.ini file in C:\EDIABAS\BIN\obd.ini , change the com port (if you dind't already) to the one you are using. If you are using COM3 and in the ini file it say's Com1, change it to Com3. Now, add the missing value's (check screenshot in first post!). Afterwards just start the car and plug cable, and it works.

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