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Originally Posted by Red Lined View Post
In most cases, it will be a ~$30 difference unless BMWFS inflates the residual on the 320. The numbers don't a few and plug the numbers in a lease calculator. Even in BJ's over-exagerated example above the difference is a little over $40 a month.
My numbers came right off BMW's configurator. There is nothing exaggerated about it.

Additionally, the stripper will have deep discounts to hit $299 which is the reason BMW is doing this. You can't go to some random fifth grade lease calculator to see that. If you paid attention to your own image in the very first post, you'd see that BMW is currently offering a 328i with Premium for $369 a month. The 320i will be $299 a month, plain and simple. That $70 means a lot to fixed income retired mom's and debt-laden graduate students as you'll find out.

Like you said, stick to medicine.


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