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Rear leak on driver's side. Bad enough that there was mold (see picture).
Door vapor barrier too.

Pull the rear seat, door jam trim, lower "B" pillar trim, inner door weather stripping, rear cover stow-away brackets on carpet in 2nd row (hex head bolts) and then pull that carpet back ASAP.

There is 2-3" of foam under that carpet that is probably saturated. You need to press, shop vac, hook up a box fan and blow air on that carpet/under-foam to get it dry otherwise you'll continue to have mold problems.

I recently went through this and with the carpet/under-foam pulled back (propped up) and a box fan blowing on it ... it took several dry days to get the carpet dry enough that I was comfortable putting it back together.

Like mentioned, check the sunroof drains but 99% of the time it is the door vapor barrier that has come un-tacked (dum-dum/ weather stripping sealant) and needs to be re-done.

Good luck.

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