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Originally Posted by JoeFromPA View Post
If you can't feel a difference, how do you even know it's equipped or doing anything?

The entire point of having multiple modes/options is so that you can FEEL a difference. If you can't, they may as well be fake buttons.

At the same time, many people are prone to the placebo effect of their own expectations. This can exaggerate what they believe they notice. A good example is how many people think a sport suspension has dramatically increased their handling ability, while in reality it's actually decreased their car's abilities due to inferior dynamic suspension geometry.

One of my favorite examples of that is sway bars: Often times people like sway bars because they remove body roll and perhaps increases neutrality. And very frequently as well, the installation of the sway bar actually decreases the limits of the car because the tire contact patch is now no longer optimized when the car is loaded.
No placebo affect here, thanks. As soon as the car is put into sport mode I can feel the all of the frost heaves and pavement joints as the area where I live has concrete slabs instead of glassy smooth asphalt. There are also several road dips, where, at the same speeds, the car goes over those dips feeling completely 100% different if it is in sport, vs comfort. I'm not "imagining" that, it's obvious.

Additionally, the car is much easier to toss into the corners when it is in sport mode than when it is in comfort mode.

I am highly skeptical that there's anything wrong with any of these cars... other than people who simply don't care about how the car drives. I once had a car with a broken seat frame, you could feel the broken frame tapping around under the seat... it was OBVIOUS, but two different mechanics at my Audi dealer "couldn't feel a thing". After I insisted they look at it more closely they took the seat apart and discovered the frame was broken. Duh.
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