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Originally Posted by x3brian View Post
My local napa had it in stock last weekend when I stopped in. They also had Pentosin ATF1 that cross references bmw part number 83229407807....but I think that one is for the zf transmission.
I went to NAPA today and they didn't have a good number of choices.... now I did notice they have the Pentosin which I was very attracted to until I realized that it is for ZF trannies.

I also confirmed under my car that I do have the GM tranny and the P/N under the pan has been superseeded by DEX-VI.

I usually hate indecisiveness from people but I am struggling to make a final choice. My local AAParts has the Castrol Multi-import ATF which apparently is recommended for the Texaco spec but I have not made it my choice just yet. I did notice that the fluid was typical ATF Red color where I have seen other people getting the Texaco fluid (back a few years ago) and it was darker than red. Seems almost brownish in color.

You mentioned that you'd rather not used DEX-VI, is there a reason why? Given that BMW has superseded my p/n with DEX-VI, I am feeling a little more compelled to use it ...
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